Saturday, August 28, 2010

Money = Converting PSD To Wordpress Theme

PSD + Wordpress Theme = Money

Before the title leads you to an idea which will not be covered specifically in this article, let me tell you upfront that this is not a make money fast idea, however a sure fire way to make money online out from your web programming skills.

Being a major competition for, Wordpress has been one of the favorite blog publishing applications over time. From newbies to experts who are putting up their blogs, this open source CMS is not out of site. Powered by PHP and MySQL, it offers a lot of features including function plug-ins and customizable template system which has become the ground for web designers and programmers to make money online.

As the favor grown big for this considerably popular blogging software, the need for a designer and a coder also had increased. Most of the site owners design and code their own Wordpress site. While others consider outsourcing either of the two to impress their visitors with a glossy site design and functions that would make the navigation as well as the presentation of the necessary contents on each of the page easy. And, as the work can divided between two project bidders, you don't have to worry anymore if your only bullet is your strong orientation of the Wordpress coding. Of course, it would be your greatest advantage if you can handle both designing and coding which is another topic altogether.

The need for a home-based Wordpress Theme coder is all over posted in classified ad sites under web/internet job wanted section. This can be a terrific way to earn money online from the comfort of your home. But how do you know that you are the better candidate for the job? Perhaps having the minimum requirements can ensure you that. See the checklist below.

Wordpress Development Experience

Years of experience indicates how orientated you are with the core of Wordpress. Mostly at least 1-2 year(s) is required.

Wordpress Functions and Plug-ins Proficiency

Knowing what the code is is different from learning how the code executes. This is necessary when certain functions are needed to complete the Wordpress theme. So, be sure you can generate a unique function if requested and have a bank of plug-ins you can tweak and incorporate when necessary. Learn them here.

Internet Connection And A Station (laptop/PC)

Wordpress Theme development are mainly outsourced from individuals or a company. And since you will be working at home, having an speedy internet connection is perhaps one the basic things you must already have along with a laptop/PC where you can work things on.

Payment Options

Since the job is remotely done and acquired, this also leads to a payment done in a medium where payouts can be easily sent and received through. So far, Paypal has been a safe and secure way to send and receive payment online. If you don't have one, sign yourself here. Alternatively, outsourcer's might prefer Western Union Transfer, Credit Cards, etc.

Communication Skills

You want your outsourcer to understand you, right? English has been one of the common languages for everyone from all over the world to meet and greet. Be sure you know how to write and speak it.

What usually happens when you receive a home-based Wordpress theme development job is that, you will be given a ready made template design in PSD (photoshop extension) file which you will need to convert to a live and working Wordpress theme. Instructions are given along with source file and completion date. Compensation will be discussed and agreed upon before the clock starts.

With regards to asking a price for the work, it depends on how strong your skills are and the time frame required. If you are just starting up, asking somewhere $50-$60 per Wordpress theme completed or less is not a bad idea. Those customers you've worked a project on who have been so satisfied with the price and output might speak the works about how good you are at your service to his friends in the same or consider working again with you, thus accumulated money for you!

You can find most of this kind of job at classified ads sites like or at some freelancing sites like


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