Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adconion.com: Adconion Review

Adconion media group claims they're the largest independent global audience network. While that sticks to every one who have known their brand, a lot of publishers are still waiting to hear significant things about them. This review is intended to uncover the reality of their claim and its impact to publishers.

Benefits From Using Adconion:

  • The network boast modern ad formats which include pullout and pre-roll video ads.
  • With high-quality advertising brands such as AmericanExpress, CapitalOne and Bank of America, superior CPMs can be expected.
  • With word-wide scope, not a single international traffic is left unmonetized.
  • Relevant ads that targets country of origin gaurantees maximum revenue performance.

Offer To Publishers: CPM, CPC, CPA, Revenue ShareAd Tag Types: Interactive, Overlay Banner, Multiple, Post Roll, Pre Roll, Companion, Mid Roll, Overlay Text, Expandable Banners

  • The ability to take a percentage of the income the advertisers generated through publishers sites while still enjoying the CPM, CPC and CPA sets Adconion separate from the competition.
  • The minimum $50 payout under net 70 payment term is very easy to meet.
  • The ability to choose PayPal as the payout option is genuine and fast.

  • While Adconion appears to be a stable online advertising ground, there has been thoughts over the internet regarding the frame of mind of the team behind the expanding company.
  • Not recommended for forum/chat room based pages.
  • Surcharge of 3-4% depending on paypal account acquired is not handled by them, but is charged to publishers seeking to paid through the payment mode.

Joining the Adconion media group network as a publisher is not that easy as they've set qualifications that are unknown to any publishers seeking for approval. It is therefore necessary to observe that there already has been established quality contents and traffic flowing in on to the publishers web sites before clicking the signup button. Moreover, once approved, all of the positive features mentioned will be enjoyed upon.

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