Saturday, October 2, 2010

How 'Read More' Can Increase Your Revenue Income

A simple way to double your CPM revenue stream.

Blogging has been very popular among people looking to earn some extra cash online. Since the day blogging craze started, a lot of blogging platforms were generated together with several ways to monetize it. Pay per impression is one of the ways to earn money from blogging.

Pay per impression is usually offered in the form of CPM (Cost Per Mile) and is given value by the calculation of eCPM or effective CPM by online advertising networks such as AdBrite. Through this, a blogger is paid per thousand views of the ad displayed on his blog. This has been the easiest way to monetize a blog since the blogger don't have to worry much about user infrequently clicking on ads.

With pay per impression, the major thing a blogger needs to worry about is increasing the page views generated by his blog. This means enticing visitors to navigate on several post before they leave the blog. There is really nothing to worry about this area if the blog is interesting enough to induce more page views. But there is one area that helps double the page views a new blogger may want to learn, the 'read more' option.

By default, when adding a blog post, the totally of the update is usually presented in the homepage. If visitors come by the homepage, chances are, they don't have to click on the specific post to read more of its content, thus leading to only a few page views. This is where 'read more' option or concatenating contents into several pages is useful.

When concatenating content into a number of pieces, readers will have to click on continue (read more) if they find the post interesting or needing to learn more of the content. This will allow bloggers to double the page views per blog post instantly. Thus, the higher the revenue will be generate from CPM based ads.

Cutting content so readers will have to click on 'read more' or 'continue reading' link provided after a snippet or summary post if they wish to read or take a view of the whole post is very easy with top blogging platforms used today, blogger and wordpress. This option is usually provided as one of the options in the post editing window. Or, inserting this code in the post html view will do it. Please note that the interpretation of the code given may depend on the blogging template created or used.

I usually insert the code right after the paragraph that established the interest of the reader, so he may have to click on 'read more' to see more of the post content. If the introduction is enough to bring the readers interest to the post, then read more can be inserted right after. Moreover, if you're planning to bring more than a thousand words single post update, it would be best to cut it into several posts.

With CPM based ads, you are assured to earn per views with your blog. With a simple technique like read more, you can double the digits of the page views leading to a double revenue income. Though traffic diversity is a key, so you really need to work on that in order to really make money blogging.


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