Sunday, October 24, 2010

How to Earn Money from Forum Posting

Getting yourself a new career, paid forum posting jobs

Forums are great online community where in pieces of information are generously shared by its members. As it gets crowded and gets more attention from the experts, one who is a newbie could really enjoy and empower himself with great information shared by the community. But, as time goes by, members get a hang of it and tend to ask themselves if it is still worth posting/responding to any threads where answers are possible when he knows he's not paid to do it, but only have the reputation, inbound links from the signature, and the friendship acquired as the consolation prizes.

So, one may actually try to find ways to compensate his effort on posting responses on forums. And so, here you are because you wanted to learn how to earn money from forum posting, right? No worries, because this article will just give you the right answer to that.

But, before we head on to finding them across the internet. Let's do a little checklist first of the core assets you need to have in order for this undertaking to be successful.

Communication Skills

First and foremost, this is your one big asset to get this job done in a quality manner. In order to make your responses believable, you need to appear certain at what you say. Moreover, every response you make should be clear, detailed and most importantly answered the original question less the grammar and spelling errors. Remember, you are not alone in the forum and the poster you responded to might be the forum posting employer you are looking for. So to speak, it is important to keep up the quality of your responses to attract them in. If done this all together, you're not gonna search for this opportunity, they'll come to you instead.


Forum posting job is not for everybody. Besides the communication skills, specific forum posting employment requires specific topic to respond on. Thus, it is important that you know you best deal in order to avoid mismatches, thus difficulty and failure along the way. Not everybody is gifted with the ability to easily dive in into a topic without first learning it. So, you may need to read a lot of information about the topic, if you can't be a JOAT, and hang on with other members that are good at giving advices to the topic you are trying to learn.

Specialty / Field of Expertise

Of course, it would be better to look for a forum posting job that is closely related to your field of interest, if not directly related to it. Though experience will soon push you to this category, what you have learned from school, seminar, training, from reading e-books and web pages on the internet is your initial expertise which you could make use of.

Okay, enough with what's needed to be there first before you head into a forum posting job. Now let's move on to where we find them.

Search Engines

Perhaps the starting point that leads us to the kind of job are search engines especially Google which so far have been so accurate at responding to almost all queries typed in on its search box. Typing in "Forum posting job" on Google will give you a bunch of related list of links that points to it. To make the search query a little bit filtered, you may include your expertise on or before the keyword phrase. ex. you like gadgets, you can make the query like "Gadgets forum posting job". It is simple, is not it? Now, try it.


Of course, there is no better way to find forum posting jobs, but the forums. Depending on forums, you may look for the "looking to hire" or "want to hire" or "freelance worker needed" corner to check on if there's any available paid posting job on forums. Basically, the one needing the task to be done had all the details presented so you may choose to contact him if interested through private message or email. I happen to observe some of these at v7n forums.

Classified Ads Boards

There are a lot of job boards you can find scattered over the internet not to find one. A good example to check on is Basically, forum paid forum posting jobs are posted under jobs - web / internet / info design / writing. Again, the one needing the job done may present all the details beforehand, however most likely compensation are set TBA so you need to contact the poster for more details.

Freelance Boards

You can find a lot of freelancing boards all over the web. Some have grown in popularity and user-base over the years, some have just started. One of the old timers is A lot of freelancers were already on board, so you really need to be competent enough to get yourself hired for a paid forum posting job. However, there are quite a few services which have got the usual freelancing board system reinvented where experience and profile are not a factor, but the ability to get the job done as instructed. One good example is the web site (affiliate code inserted). All you have to do is to get yourself an account and verify yourself on them. And then, you will be able to have access of all the jobs on the board and taking each of them is all up to you. You are free to do all the job, however you need to keep your satisfaction rating above 75% in order to still be allowed to do jobs. This fall us back to the assets you must have in order to satisfy every employer you do jobs for. As the time this post was created, there were about 34 paid forum posting jobs available with an average of $.20 per post pay.

There is nothing wrong with asking a little compensation of the things we usually do, forum posting. But, to make things fair, we should also put our best forward in order to satisfy each employer we worked on. Thus, more satisfied employers, more future assignments lining up, more money we can make.


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