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How to Make Money with PHPDug Sites

PHPDug Site Screen Shot
PHPDug Site Screen Shot

I could think of different ways to make money from PHP Dug Sites, but most of what I thought requires a little technical knowledge like configuring PHP files, installing a CMS script and configuring ad units to display on each page. Unfortunately, this article will not teach you on how to go about those technicalities and make money, instead will teach you how to make money with PHP Dug sites the simplest way.

But first, let us understand why PHP Dug sites matters. PHPDug sites are social bookmarking sites crafted in a simple way. These sites make use of the CMS (content management system) script named PHPDug script, which is mainly built to provide ease in coming up with a bookmarking site. Site owners who want to extend their online venture see the benefits of having a bookmarking site. And, though there are many other scripts can be used to put up a bookmarking site in less than an hour, PHPDug CMS remains the simplest and the very easy way to come up and manage a bookmarking site.

From the users perspective, they need bookmarking sites to help promote their own blog or site or simply to discover new things or trending topics. So, they usually turn to bookmarking sites to submit their own links and expect some visitors, not to mention that the idea of putting links from other sites such as bookmarking sites can help a site boost its link popularity, thus appearing prominent and popular to search engines, leading to better rankings (if keywords are properly targeted.)

Talking about search engines, especially the most prominent one, Google, dofollow link matters. Fortunately, most, if not all, PHPDug powered social bookmarking sites are, by default, dofollow. And, site owners submitting links to them can really gain two things; some traffic and dofollow backlinks.

Now, enough with making sense about the use of PHPDug sites. Let's now move to how you can leverage from it.

Since PHPDug powered social bookmarking sites are dofollow, bookmarkers would hunt for them. This is where you come in and make money out from their need to have a list of it. If you are intelligent enough, you know exactly where this is leading to. But of course, you will need a proper guide on how to go about it and make the effort worth it. So, let's break down the things needed to be done from start to finish.

Site Hunting

Research Through Search Engines Copyright thetechtics
Site Search. Credit:

We'll go for a hunt to come up with a list of PHPDug powered social bookmarking sites. There are several things you can do for this hunt to be fruitful.

1. If you know a number of SEO and webmaster forums, you can make use of them by using their search function to search for "PHPDug sites list". There is not only you who is looking for the list, there are many others out there, and they usually do the asking for a list in forums. If the search returns threads about it, navigate to each of them and start growing your list from the responders given references.

2. This is, perhaps, my best approach to searching for things, typing a query on search engines. You can make use of the same query or modify it to something like "PHPDug bookmarking sites list". This query will return different sources where you can uncover different lists of PHPDug powered sites. All you have to do is to list them all, sorting should come after there's no source left grow the list.

Once you have all the sites, you sort them and eliminate duplicates. It would be a lot more handy if you are using excel to sort the list. Once sorted out and duplicates eliminated, you can proceed to visiting each of them and filter those that are not working anymore and those that are returning server errors of some sort. Once you have a filtered list of PHPDug powered social bookmarking sites, you are ready for the next step.

Site Creation

Blogger Wordpress Logo
Free Blog Hosts

Don't worry, since this is an online money making idea (and I assume you don't have cash to invest for a host and a domain), the site creation idea will need no money to establish. What you need instead is a free hosting service. There are a lot of free hosting providers out there where you can acquire a free account from, but what I would like to recommend is using any of the following:,,, Yes, they're all free blogging host and you can host your list on them freely.

The reason why you need to create a site is to have a place to host your list that's accessible world wide. Of course, you want your list to be accessible across a crowd of people needing the list no matter where they live. It's a key to monetizing the list. So, let's continue.

Create your account from any of the recommendations. I suggest you name your blog site close, if not directly, to its purpose. ex. You need to do it this way, because a blog site with the name of its service or product offered is not hard to promote and is remembered by the visitors easily. You don't want your blog site be forgotten after the visits, do you?

Create your introduction. Introduce yourself and your blog site's purpose. Do it in a way that would not make your visitors turn their backs. Don't forget to be authentic. Provide your details if you are not afraid to share it online, like your full name. Much better, include your facebook profile or twitter homepage, so they have some ways to follow you.

Create your list after your intro. Don't worry if you only have, initially, 100 bookmarking sites in the list. It might sound a few, but it's already a great help to somebody looking for a nicely done and filtered list. Besides, you can always go back to the list and update it when there is additional bookmarking sites you've discovered. Be sure that each of the bookmarking sites in the list is clickable and forwards to the correct address. Publish your work.

Monetizing Your List logo
Shortened Links Cash

Now, this is where you earn money from it. There are several ways I could think of in monetizing a list of useful sites. One is by joining a Publishers Network like Google Adsense. But, I don't recommend it in the early stage, especially if it is the first time you sign up for it. However, if have one, you can proceed with using it and may consider the following an additional way to monetize your list.

What I was thinking, and perhaps the easiest to set up and start earning promptly is by using a monetized shortened link service such as and I tried both and it works really great, especially when the traffic is coming from the U.S, all you have to do is bring in traffic to your shortened links and you earn per visit.

Basically, when you signup for or the other, the site will provide you with tools you can use to start making money with your links. The straight forward approach is taking a link and generating a short link version of it. You start earning money every time you send traffic to the link through the shorter version of it. It should, get people to click your cash links.

Talking about tools, there are other ways to easily convert links on a page without the hassle of converting each of them. Like in, I like the "shrink all link except the ones specified for exclusion". By inserting a few lines of codes into your blog site page source code in between the <body> - here - </body> tags, it will automatically convert links into cash links without a hassle coding them one by one. For the best deal of it, you should try it yourself by signing for an account with or Remember to read every note given before making some actions. Fortunately, the instructions given on both sites are pretty straight forward and easy to understand.

Drive Traffic

Drive Traffic to Website - copyright
Ways to Drive Traffic.

Of course, the key to earning money here is not just with the converted ordinary links into cash links, but also bringing people to use these cash links so you earn every time someone actually clicks the links, thus you need to drive traffic to your list of PHPDug social bookmarking sites, which, I think, is not hard to do as you have one of the most in demand products in the internet, in search engine promotion point of view, and it is free (as explained in the first few paragraphs above). But, of course, you need a kick start to get the magic working.

So, what I would suggest to you from this point is to either tell your friends online about your free list (facebook circle of friends can be taken advantage here) or get back to those forums or answer sites where you've acquired a portion of the sites on your list and share to them your newly created, filtered and updated list. Once you have people visiting your list and they like the compilation of helpful sites, there goes the word of mouth of your exceptionally free product. Remember, the more people you get to visit your list, the more clicks you can acquire, the more money you earn.

Would you like to say something about this post? Make use of the comment box below. Or, have an online money making idea that you want posted in the separate page? Be our guest poster.


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