Friday, April 22, 2011

Making Money with Exit Traffic

How to monetize exit traffic, so you still make money every time visitors leave your site

Exit Traffic
Monetizing Traffic Exit

We build blog sites to earn money. We do it by constantly updating our sites with interesting articles and bringing in some traffic. We then monetize it by adding some ad zones or ad units somewhere on the sidebar or in content that takes the form of a text link or a clickable banner image, which will earn us money per impression (views) or clicks on these ads.

The challenge, though, is you can not please everyone with your article no matter how well you have crafted them as well as ask them to click on the ads for a higher monthly revenue, not to mention that instructing visitors to click on the ads is against the click validity guidelines set by Publishers Networks such as the Google Adsense and Yahoo Publishers Network.

So, what other options left for us to maximize our effort in creating contents to maintain our sites for residual income? There are many options I could think, but what I would want to highlight in this article is how to still make money every time visitors leave our sites. This might sound intriguing and quite untrue, but, I am telling you, I also have not thought of it until I came across the site

When we have our blog sites well optimized for search engines, looking on an analytic tool ex. Google Analytics or StatCounter, we can observe that most of our sites traffic come from long tail keywords queries issued in search engines like Google that landed to our sites due to a first page visible ranking. Depending on our contents and the readers interest, we can earn a considerable amount of money from ads we display either through cost per view or cost per click scheme. However, most of the time, readers leave our site without clicking our ads, which means we only earn from CPV, which is not really overwhelming to be satisfied about, especially when we only have little traffic to monetize, not to mention that publishers usually earn less than a dollar per 1000 page views for a web site that is not well handled.

So, one of our options, basically, is to incorporate another money making method to increase the revenue we earn monthly that does not intervene the existing revenue scheme(s) we have implemented. And, since the exit traffic seem to mark our drop of revenue, monetizing even that would be a wise move.

The idea is simple and is very easy to incorporate as an add-on on an existing method of earning monthly revenue. A random surfer access search engines to find something and landed on your site as it appears ranking first page for the term the surfer is querying for. The surfer clicks through your link on the results, reads your content and hits the back button to read from other sources returned by the search engines. If this flow happens so fast, I mean in just a second or two, you are certainly not earning the maximum out of your contents.

With the use of an exit ad technology, like the one provided by, the surfer will be presented a sponsored page with ads related to his original query from the search engine after he decides to click the back button to leave your site to find another source of information. And, since the sponsored page will be presented with ads related to the original query the surfer used that landed on your site, the CTR (click through rate) on this ads can be high, thus leaving you with an additional revenue income.

The method of monetizing exit traffic is only applicable to traffic coming from search engines though. I mean I have not come across a Publisher Network yet that does monetize exit traffic, but, which only monetize traffic coming from search engines.

So, if 100% of your site traffic is coming from direct access, earning from this method is impossible. It might help to dig on your site traffic statistics to see where most of your traffic is coming from. If it tells you that most of the traffic are from search engines, then you have a possible revenue addition through this method.

There you have it. The next thing you need to do is to try it and see if it works for you too. As mentioned, incorporating this method wont intervene your existing methods of earning revenue, it rather supplements your income given that your site has a good percentage of traffic coming from search engines. So, there is really no bargain to experiment on it. Happy earning!


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