Monday, October 31, 2011

3 factors that will not help your site make money

Okay, so you built your site from scratch, now you have it up and running, had a couple of contents that made it a bit crowded, but it's been 6 months yet you're not make any cents out from it. Don't know what to do? You might have been dealing one these factors unconsciously. Learn and correct them today.

No Traffic

What is the use of those highly analytical/researched contents posted on your site when nobody in the world gets to them? For your site to start serving its purpose, you must know exactly how to drive traffic to them. One good example would be using facebook to get instant attention to your contents. If you have a profile in this social networking site having substantial friends to spread things to, a simple shout out can drive up unexpected traffic as well as likes and even shares to your contents. Another is twitter. If you have enough followers, you could simply tweet a 140 characters of your most recent site update. There are so many ways to get traffic to your site. But if you don't learn them and get to use them effectively to serve your site traffic, you wouldn't be able to make money out from your site.

Wrong Monetization Scheme

Uh, so you are saying you know the means to get traffic and been dealing with countless traffic yet not making any money from your site? Another problem any site owner would face would be the way they monetize their site.

There are types of monetization where it requires a level of experience and there are those that even a first grader can deal with. The point is, if you are not monetizing your site the right way, the attention you and your site is getting would be just useless.

If you are up to selling products, like you are a clickbank or an amazon affiliate, you might want to get targeted traffic (as not all traffic contributes to your success with this type of monetization). If you are dealing with Adsense, YPN, Adbrite and any other publisher network that will help you generate revenue the easiest way by impressions and clicks you bring to the ads displayed, what you need to have is interest on your topics and strategic placements of ad units (the more visible the better).

Another way to monetize your website is to sell ad space, but this requires some statistics your site must qualify like good alexa, PR, visitors’ origin, social mentions and more. If the current monetization scheme doesn't help you earn what you expected to earn, then move and experiment on another. There's no point holding on to something that's not beneficial to you, right?

Your Procrastinating

I admit. This one is also my problem. What really stops me all the time from being productive is the point of laziness. This very comfortable, sometimes really irresistible habit is as vicious as any UFC knockout punches. It is simple, when you are not moving, you are not making any. Your web site is not really an autopilot money making machine (sorry about those e-books having this as the promise) that will generate consistent revenue for you monthly. When you are not helping it helping you, the flow of revenue just stops. So, when it feels like you can't live a single day without money, stop reading this post now and get your job done right away.

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