Friday, April 22, 2011

Making Money with Exit Traffic

How to monetize exit traffic, so you still make money every time visitors leave your site

Exit Traffic
Monetizing Traffic Exit

We build blog sites to earn money. We do it by constantly updating our sites with interesting articles and bringing in some traffic. We then monetize it by adding some ad zones or ad units somewhere on the sidebar or in content that takes the form of a text link or a clickable banner image, which will earn us money per impression (views) or clicks on these ads.

The challenge, though, is you can not please everyone with your article no matter how well you have crafted them as well as ask them to click on the ads for a higher monthly revenue, not to mention that instructing visitors to click on the ads is against the click validity guidelines set by Publishers Networks such as the Google Adsense and Yahoo Publishers Network.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Make Money with PHPDug Sites

PHPDug Site Screen Shot
PHPDug Site Screen Shot

I could think of different ways to make money from PHP Dug Sites, but most of what I thought requires a little technical knowledge like configuring PHP files, installing a CMS script and configuring ad units to display on each page. Unfortunately, this article will not teach you on how to go about those technicalities and make money, instead will teach you how to make money with PHP Dug sites the simplest way.

But first, let us understand why PHP Dug sites matters. PHPDug sites are social bookmarking sites crafted in a simple way. These sites make use of the CMS (content management system) script named PHPDug script, which is mainly built to provide ease in coming up with a bookmarking site. Site owners who want to extend their online venture see the benefits of having a bookmarking site. And, though there are many other scripts can be used to put up a bookmarking site in less than an hour, PHPDug CMS remains the simplest and the very easy way to come up and manage a bookmarking site.